What are we trying to do? Freedom of Creation

A desire for creation

What do we really want to do? I'm not sure if I can ask this kind of question. Many of the world's regulations are so complex that they often impede human development. We need to share it with the world if it is helpful to the majority.

Happy + Free + Nature

When you eat delicious food, you want to eat with someone you love, right? Maybe that's the only way to think about making the world better.

People or companies publicly disclose patent for free but you can't use it for people. We need to understand that many people in the world and the Earth are in need of help. Our aim is to narrow the gap in understanding.

If we have the freedom to think about and the sharing of fun creations for the world, we can one day see the warm and interesting solutions of many of the problems we face with our own eyes. If you say your wish 10,000 times, it will become a reality.

TYL license (TYL = Thank You Love)

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Human life should also be upgraded to love. Create our lives lovely.

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