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We believe that open source projects produce the best software and provide the best value to humanity at large. The free/open source software movement (FOSSM) is a social movement. Awesome things happen when like-minded people connect. The world is for those who challenge themselves. For any inquiries, contact seoulblockchain on Keybase or contact Jaime on telegram.



It's okay to be nonsense, Perhaps it makes sense someday


User friendly analytics platform for tracking blockchain assets

Hash Play ACS

We will be happy and free. A copyrightless speech for ALL

Magical Hash

Exclusive Invitation Only Private Members Club in the world

BA FutureTV

Prof. Futures Studies, Chair, the Millennium Project Korea


Meet and compete with the world's best blockchain builders

True Friends

Creating fun & meaningful memories while alive, TOGETHER

CV Competition

Looking for the Best Blockchain Startups, Crypto Valley contest

Open Source Developers

The real VIP are developers. The blockchain is nothing without them


We Create Beautiful Experiences That Build A Strong Community.


Connecting expertise and drawing knowledge with SeoulBlockchain.


The time has come to bring your ideas and plans to life. Everyone welcome.


Whether through commerce or just an experience to tell your brand.


Now that your brand is all dressed up and ready to party. Develop your project.

Proof of Blockchain

Do we really need a blockchain for that?

Seoul Crypto Club

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