I like money, too. but I think priceless things are the best. Happy + Free + Nature = J'aime

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Everyone should feel free, happy, and live in peace. Technology doesn't mean anything without "people".

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An Ideal Space

Assuming human freedom is a code, I think my writing and my emotions are my own code. No one can define.

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Free and Happy

Satoshi Nakamoto : “You can be whoever you wannabe. You can be happy and free. Free and HAPPY.” Jaime : "We need to write a new history. If we want to become successful. Success means nothing to me. Being myself is perfect success for me :) #WeAllNeedLOVE"


I love cuz, I support new kind of money BCH


User friendly analytics platform for tracking blockchain assets

Poboppa B

My best and close friend, Who I can trust with my eyes and heart fully

Advisor T

One of my best friend who gave me hope and wish to stand up

Hash Play

We breathe with music and play with music, Cool Kid Musician group


The coolest friend to work with, he is smart and also humours


The coolest company to work with, "Joyful Human Care"


Seoul coding school, creating programming talent for today's tech

Oo BOBoppa

He's super cool, we'll eat cutlet together talking about the future!

Hacking Satoshi

Proof of safety of private key. And promoting importance of Private KEY

Inside Coder

Group of people interested in world affairs. Open source project for ALL!


The symbol of freedom will eventually be used at the Music Festival


FomoHunt is resource for #crypto #blockchain events

World Happy Forum

Your smile saved the world. Freedom is a right, not enforced

Magical Hash

Exclusive Invitation Only Private Members Club in the world

BA FutureTV

Prof. Futures Studies, Chair, the Millennium Project Korea


Meet and compete with the world's best blockchain builders


Free and Happy (FAB) = fabulous, Are you happy and free?


Resistance is the privacy-focused DEX and that uses atomic swaps


Bigger boundary, Let's make it happen! Blockchain is made for people


Social Experiment, Janksy's real love search project

CV Competition

Looking for the Best Blockchain Startups, Crypto Valley contest

Open Source Developers

The real VIP are developers. The blockchain is nothing without them

Holo Happy

Learning how to holochain to be happy, with eyes and heart

Anon Summit

Look beyond digital currencies and explore the world of blockchain

Satoshi Nakamoto

“You can be whoever you wannabe. Happy and Free"

Off the Blockchain

Let's help each other get a better opportunity. That's how you share it

775 - Angel Number

T. B. J. Y. M . G . and more. Proof of ACShash on Waves Platform

A Copyrightless Speech

HAPPY and FREE. For ALL. Copyrightless Speech For Everyone

JANKSY | 젠크시 | Zエンクシ

Freedom of time #artist Banksy will one day contact me for collaboration

Private Key Magazine

Eyes and Hearts that make a good smelling blockchain, Free for ALL

Private Key with KPOP

Why Private Key? Chilling is available with your Private Keys


It's okay to be nonsense, Perhaps it makes sense someday

Universal Declaration of Love

Mankind was born with a basic right to happiness and peace


Warm and kind tone, He loves music that's why we became friends

Cipher Alien

Social Experiment, Can we really trust the world we live in?


Happy + Free + Nature = Jaime I found them all in my heart


An interesting future stories, Fuuture will think for you


We will be a true friend who helped each other achieve our dream


We Create Beautiful Experiences That Build A Strong Community.


Connecting expertise and drawing knowledge with SeoulBlockchain.


The time has come to bring your ideas and plans to life. Everyone welcome.


Whether through commerce or just an experience to tell your brand.


Now that your brand is all dressed up and ready to party. Develop your project.

Proof of Blockchain

Do we really need a blockchain for that?


Freedom of time #artist. Support JANKSY today!

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